Monday , May 29 2023

The Mapuche Aysén woman has been informed by Aracely Leuquén as saying: "You are embarrassed by us"


Representatives from different Mapuche institutions supported the action of the Madrid Parliament for the Restoration through a video that represents remote people.

Through a video, 10 leaders from different communities and Mapuche associations criticized Aysen in the Araken district of Araken, Aracely Leuquén (RN), "we are not represented and embarrassed by us."

Leaders of Leuquén's supporters, according to national media, said the anti-opposition question against the Interior Minister Andres Chadwick was a left-wing movement, not just the fall of indigenous peoples.

Zulema Calfulef, President of the Indigenous communities of Calfulef, Coyhaique, sent a message to RN Secretary: "Maputze is not enough, Mapuche women are at our heart".

"We mean that you are not our representative, in the territory of Ays, we do not need your voice," says York Cheuquián Galindo, the Mapuche authority of the Rakiduantum indigenous association, to express his dismay with the parliamentarian.

Thanks to the help provided by Aysén Mapuche leaders, Emilia Nuyado (PS) will be a contributor to the Los Lagos district's deputy, which will appear in front of the minister, Andrés Chadwick. We will send them to our news. strength or energy) ".

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