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"The Mars crew is something almost ridiculous," says NASA astronauts former

Bill Anders took part in the Apollo 8 mission on the Moon in orbit, and nowadays he thinks it's not worth sending to Mars.

In recent years, humanity has analyzed the possibilities of a new space achievement: it reaches Marsá. Magnates like Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos have stressed that this milestone can be achieved soon. However, There is also a conflict between those who know this space.

On July 16, 1969, humans were able to walk along the moon to prepare all possible scenarios in the Apollo 11 mission. For this reason, there have been many missions of study and analysis of the natural satellite landing dangers.

In order to get out of the moon before the mythological missions, it was Apollo 8. He took part in 1968, and he orbited the Moon for 20 hours, and about 10 returned. He later returned to the Earth to make a success and better spirits next year to release Apollo 11.

Everyone would say that all those who worked for Neil Armstrong on the moon will do the same thing as Marsen. However, Apollo 8 William (& # 39; Bill & # 39;) Anders' crew is not true.

Recently in the interview with BBC Radio 5 Liver, Anders said the idea was bad for Mars. Not only did he criticize the idea of ​​the red planet, but said that a mission mission was "almost ridiculous.".

At the age of 85, he stated that "he is the defender of guided missions". The reason is very simple: they are significantly cheaper. Also, keep in mind that there are no motives for motivating them today:

What is the most imperative? What drives us to Martha? (…) I do not believe that people are interested. "

These critics fall into a cold water like Mars to get there at that time. After all, the question arises: why is it someone who works to get to the moon is so contrary? Of course, definitely, it will not stop to achieve the goal.

NASA critic

Anders himself does not know about NASA. The reason is that the success of Apollo 11 has always been very critical. Today, however, he questioned the organization's achievement once again:

Today, NASA can not reach the Moon. It's an old mistake … It has become a program that works, and many of its departments are hard-working. As it can be seen, there is no public interest, as well as being re-elected by their wages and their representatives ".

In addition, he has also launched the space shuttle program, the International Space Station and the colony on the Moon and Marsen.

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