Wednesday , September 28 2022

The MasterCard says Santander will be safer when the economy is left behind by Transbank


After the contract has expired Santander and transbankThe bank will have access to new security measures for Chilean clients, some of which prevent future losses in 2018.

Mastercard, vice president of Latin American and Caribbean Security Solutions, Patricio Hernández, said that Santander will implement a system "Tokenization" For your national transactions, it was only available to your international transactions so far.

This system is made up of A unique "code" that protects and protects sensitive user data (such as expiration date or card number) At the time of making a transaction, banks and customers' banks are just traders who manage information.

According to Hernanduren, it will be Santander Only one Chilean banking entity has this system, but "we are also talking to other banks."

Another service that will be the bank will be the service SAFETYNET, Mastercard controls traffic to detect and stop fraud.

To do this, add Early Detection Service, controls the business cards (leaks or other events) with the company dark web (parts of the internet that do not appear in classical search engines) warn the bank if any suspicion has been detected.

Furthermore, to reach customers, Chile would arrive through the system NuDetect According to specialist media, it is a system that allows the recording of each transaction card or password, as the mobile "perceives whether or not the mobile phone is owned by different means, who is buying it", customer's mobile phone, reading and typing speed, Among other variables.

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