Monday , May 29 2023

The merging of accounts is delayed until 2019


Epic Games has promoted the functionality of combining Fortnite accounts for November 2018 starting "next year."

In September, Sony announced that PS4 would allow Fortnite's cross-game, Epic announced a new joint account solution for players who created accounts on different platforms. After planning the start-up operation in November, the analysis has already indicated that it will be possible for 2019 due to technical problems.

"Due to some technical issues, we will delay the Fusion of Accounts until the beginning of next year. Make sure that this process is well-proven and works correctly before starting to start purchasing from another account, your main account."

The combo system can combine "compatibility, access to V-Bucks, and the Save the World campaign" to combine multiple accounts connected to the consoles.

Epic Commitment updates the release day of the function when it comes to entering a web page that will guide you through the process.

In other Fortnite news, with the end of season 6 season and speculation of expected 7 season fans, a leak has destroyed the Tilted Towers (once again).

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