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The Minister assures that the poultry vaccine is a fever

About the medical center.

The issue of vaccine vaccines is a problem in Chile, especially during the summer. This is the number of people who want to travel to Brazil or other countries.

At the weekend we could say that the medical center offered by this vaccine did not declare it at that moment and would "arrive next week", that it is still not fulfilled, or simply that the doses are "reserved".

Now, the Health Minister, Paula Daza, said the vaccine was "lacking a vaccine".

According to him, the problem is that as private distributes, each one has a different method. However, their statements are against the version of the medical center, so it is lying or uninformed, or not?

Forward, Mrs. recommends that the "vaccine revision" not be done by the vaccine, but complex, rather than modification of transit or accommodation, in most cases, not only a person, but a whole family is not at an average level of citizens.

Perhaps the best stock and the number of people traveling beforehand should be considered, the data that has been repeated over the years, but is not studied.

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