Wednesday , September 28 2022

The Minister of Housing has said that most of Chile have "a house, two departments".


According to a specific study on the reality of Chile and the Minister of Housing. Cristiano Monckeberg, before the Housing and Town Planning Committee, held on the 14th of this year.

"Cross-cutting is a debate, especially in a country They are the majority or owners, we do not have much more because our heritage is. House, two apartments, "he said.

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This time, they discussed social integration housing projects.

"Young people think that their heritage is on the other hand, but now I do not know percentages, I do not manage them, but The greatest percentage of property is property, a house, a department, a house on the beach or in the land, "added the owner of the Housing Office, in statements made by the deputy Alejandro Bernales's Twitter account.

According to data from the Chilean Chamber of Construction, his words are not so far from reality, though The trend is downward and it is not "a very large percentage" Various Chilean properties.

In detail, for the first time The percentage of owners fell by 60% nationally in 2017. This figure in the Metropolitan Region 55% down and down There is no current record of how many Chileans have a house on the beach or in the countryside.

At the same time, according to the cooperative, 53.6% have their own home and equivalent to 2.2 million homes, especially the highest resources, according to the study.Dissemination of the wealth of non-native births in Chile", Published by the Central Bank in 2017.

In the press statements, Cecilia Perez's spokesman, Cristián Monckeberg will talk about these statements in the next few hours.

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