Tuesday , March 21 2023

The moment arrived: the river and Boca face in a "superfine" Liberators


Pivot for "pity"

At the age of 25, Gonzalo "Pity" Martínez, which paid $ 4.5 million in Hurricane in January 2015, the Gallardo cast brain.

It's not just the most imbalanced player with the "millionaire", as the team's goal.

In a few words: go and define it. Former Argentine coach, Lionel Scaloni, considered a valuable feature.

From the south of Mendoza, the aggressive river has been born. He also knows what he has achieved for Boca: he adds three (three Superliga, one for the Argentine Super Cup).

How to neutralize the search for a virus? Boca has a "píbull" for this type of work.

Colombian Wilmar BarriosFor 25 years, the house "xeneize" extinguishes all fires in the house. The court runs and escapes. First-class rider, effective in ball defense and destruction.

Barrios wore his head swollen with another heart, fearing no fear in the middle, cheating each other, because the team is infected with each slippery shoe. That's why Guillermo is not real estate.

The Colombian goes to war, just like the one in Monumental, and Pity must be guarded by the "píbull" across the country.

Pontius vs. Perez, bosses

The costumes are models and they enjoy the captain's "millions" and "captain" captains.

Leonardo Ponzio, 36 years old, and Pablo PérezAt age 33, they know that football will end the way. For this reason, the former wants a new Cup title as the final point, the latter gets its water first.

Pôriones lost the first battle of the Bombonera thanks to the muscles suffered by the Gremio semi-finals, but the captain regained his strength and the mother of the battle was ready.

It was Perez at Bombonera, but until the last minute she was hesitated at the right ankle injury, although the captain jumped on the field and was not reportedly physically 100% in the last quarter of the meeting.

They are evolving as midfielder Ponzi and Perez, thanks to the balance and balance of the team, they have an opposing opponent and have read football matches at all times.

Armani-Rossi, holy hands

Franco Armani The rescue of the match was made in Bombonera, "not" by Darío Benedetti in the 90th minute, "9" of Boca, and diverted the match and "xeneizes" 3-2.

He faced superficial faces on the River's "1" action, and Gallardo Dolle was named "determinant", we did not have anything left in his pocket.

Armani, who was 32 years old, landed on the Atlantic National Range, became the Libertadores champion in 2016, became the patron saint of the "angel millionaire".

The striker who saved the Super League and Cup in Argentina led Russia to the national team of the World Cup. However, Jorge Sampaolik also got an opaque look.

But the bouncers were waiting for the World Cup, and it was once again in the right place to keep its place.

It will be another arch Agustín RossiA 23-year-old boy went to Boca last April from the Defense and Justice shelf.

But the young man has betrayed him in the team at important moments, and Boca forces them to seek new goals that guarantee their safety.

However, after losing his title, he only won for the goal by the arch and only a little less than a minute, he won the first game and expected to have more than one second blockade.

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