Monday , January 18 2021

The most effective remedy to avoid cold and flu

The first reason for colds and colds is only cold and cold, according to Moses Robledo, secretary of the Social Worker and Family Association of the Spanish Society: "These stations circulate viruses that cause major airborne diseases, the body that enters the nose and throat membranes.

The most effective way to get rid of flu or cold is to reach all your bags: constantly wash your hands. The Carlos III Health Institute recommends doing it at least five times a day (10 or more better) for at least 20 seconds.

Virus virus saves some external surfaces: in your hands, for example, five or 10 minutes.

"For now, if your eyes are torn or if your hands are already in your mouth," said Miriam Fernandez, an expert in Microbiology at the Navarran Clinic in BuenaVida, in order to reduce the risk of flu vaccine to 90% in the first place. Then, in its entirety, the vaccine (which reduces the risk of 70%), escapes from agglomerations and closed spaces (50%) and house cleaning and ventilation (40%). Take the tail, take Vitamin C (1%), exercise (10%) or drink a lot of liquids (10% or 20%).

So, do not orange anything?

Take all the vitamin C vitamins you want, but I know the flu idea is a myth.

We need only 1 gram of one micronutrient per day. "You can take much more, but it is the only thing that can stop the urinary uterine vitamin C," said BuenaVida, José Luis Cañada Merino, coordinator of Group Co-ordinating Group on Infectious Diseases of the Schools of Primary Education.

Another good ingredient, which includes honey, which is already in the cold, is reflected in the reflection of the dry throat, according to María del Carmen Seijo, according to the Department of Plant Biology of the Faculty of Sciences of Vigo, "but does not cure healing and does not disconnect the respiratory system one".

The "Carcass" diet does not exist

Although a healthy lifestyle is a leader, it is proven that food that improves immunity is not lost. Understanding of the attitudes of the experts is unanimous: food does not prevent infection, but it makes more food, such as vegetable broths, fruits, vegetables or moisturizing drinks. "In this area it is clear that malnutrition is immune to the immune system", in light of the Spanish Immunological Association. If it closes correctly, it is a model that works.

Specific advice for children

Pediatricians are among the keys that allow children to stay away from their children, they have excellent hygiene measures and do not share glasses, dishes or cutlery. HRN / Globovision

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