Thursday , October 6 2022

The most expensive Christmas tree in Europe is made with gold coins


Company company gold From Munich, Pro AurumIt has built a beautiful and expensive Christmas tree made with coins gold; and, according to the company, it is worth more than $ 2.6 million.

And probably if these coins are compared to chocolate, they are wrapped in gold, but not Pro AurumBenjamin Summa has said gold pure and true.

"The Christmas tree It's its value for the special one. They are an ounce coins gold Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra and covers it with a star gold 20 oz. This has 63 kilograms gold Pure, the current price has a value of around 2.3 million euros, "Summa said.

The valuable tree will be displayed from the 15th of December, measuring a height of three meters and having been required more than an hour with the help of Austrian Science.

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