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The name and power of the owner is known

Dragon Ball Super: Broly's premiere continues to be a success, he continues the franchise's manga to make progress in this new arc of story. Depending on the new section of the publication The name was announced, as well as the power of the new wicked man.

According to a manga translation @GovetaXV, The new villain is called Moro. Keep in mind that, until now, his image was only known through the publication's page, but without giving details.

In addition, in the final issue, a part of the story of this villain was revealed, and that was stated 10 million years ago, Moro's chaos caused power throughout the galaxy. As can be seen, in addition to dealing with the old part of the chapter, a great part of the chapter, comets attacks and His power was able to complete the planets that completely absorbed all his energy, It is a similar technique to Genki-dama, but it absorbs all the energy of living beings, whether it wants to deliver it or not.

Moro, When the sacred Kaio-Shin used a secret technique, it was the only one that could not be defeated, He was captured and destroyed by the Galactic Patrol prison. However, He was sentenced to prison permanently because nobody had the power to kill him. Over the years, Moro regained his power, allowing him to flee into prison.

To do this, the manga chapter shows the start of G'sAs a new member of Okú and Vegeta Galactic Patrol, When he received orders from Merus, when he arrived on the ground, he was captured by Majin Buu to free Kaio for thousands of years.

This chapter also shows how Goku and Vegeta begin their first mission as Goku Galactic, detecting Goku Moro's Ki, apparently realizing this.


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