Saturday , June 10 2023

The National Videogame Museum launches the Mini Vectrex console


Only 80's device is rumored only.

In the 80s the console was popular Vectrex Some innovative elements, such as integrated screen and vector-based graphics, but, unfortunately, the so-called videogame crises in 1983.

It's interesting in 2003 Edge Magazines a Vectrex Mini He watched a fan at the mini-console factory president's desk at the 80's.

Based on a relative of Milton Bradley, 8 years ago, Mini Vectrex shared images of images of alleged images. In some ways, the product has at least boosted the idea of ​​planning at least.


Well, even though it's only mentioned in the Vectrex Mini rumors, now the Frisco National Video Game Museum Texas has fully reaffirmed its prototype collection.through Gizmodo).

And for those who question the authenticity, the museum has reset and work on the device, as you can see in the video below:

The Vectrex mini version of the console integrates its screen, control and even a handle on the top and transports it, so it seems like a device that inspired Nintendo laptops. Change.

What do you think?

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