Sunday , January 17 2021

The Navarrese Senator proposed a trip to Santiago Congress to eliminate travel expenses

After that The Government has announced a 20% reduction in travel expenses In the face of the ministries, the opposition called for an acceleration of its regulation.

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Different expenditure from the Secretary of State faces, when traveling to Congress, the senator Alejandro Navarro Travel expenses presented an exceptional solution: Bring the Congress to the Metropolitan Area, According to Biobío Chile.

That is why the politician said that "It is the only country with the Special Office of the Parliament of Chile".

In this context, the Deputy of the Democratic Revolution, Pablo Vidal, said "most logical" that ministers, like parliamentarians, have to pay for expenses "No black box with no control chooser"..

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On the other hand, the National Deputy for Innovation, Andrés Celis, stated that "it can not be a MP Arica or Punta Arenas candidate, who knew his work is Valparaíso, Viatic copper".

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