Thursday , July 7 2022

The new THQ Nordic Darksiders III trailer shows


THQ Nordic is still very active with the promotion of the contents of Darksiders III, it is not in vain for its criticism and the saga that won. After that, we saw the presentation of the game and game cinema, showing us a trailer with "No Name With Horse", without a name.

The video has no gambling, a rumor is Fury's and the horse's relationship, Rampage. After all, Fury is one of the four pilots of the apocalypse and no rider with his horse. The video's description depicts a relatively small history of franchise sales, "Ruin follows War, Despair follows Death, Rampage follows Fury." It is the name of each horseman who follows Darksiders and is called by names.

Darksiders III hack and slash is a genre based on a variety of enemies on the screen, with the literal translation of the genre "cut and break". Franchise has featured many RPG elements, including level ups, objects creation and exploration.

In terms of history and implementation, Darksiders has praised its staging based on aesthetics, art direction, and religious-Jewish-Christian religions. In this installment we will control Fury, the pilot of the elemental podium, and continue the story that is still open in Darksiders 2.

The development was directed by Gunfire Games, a young studio, formerly affiliated with THQ affiliates, before failing. This study also includes the Darksiders II virus for its PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms, which will be available on Darksiders III on November 27th by Fury and Rampage.

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