Friday , August 19 2022

The ophthalmologist was treated by Boca after an attack: Pérez has an important reduction in vision. | football


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Jam Media | ONE agency

It was a foul voice. Boca Juniors players treated at the clinic last Saturday after an ophthalmologist attacked with boulders and buses, describing the situation they gave fans to their fans.

Alejandro Weremczuk, a medical specialist on yesterday afternoon, stressed Pablo Pérez, "Cheneize & # 39; the head of the box and the captain, was not able to solve the conflict.

"Eyesight has diminished in the wounded eyes, left. It's four tenths of visual activity, a very important fall "he said.

According to the expert, TN has pointed out that Pérez also has "a conjunctival lesion and a slight edema of corneal" Describes the decrease in acute exposures. Conjunctive lesion is better and also corneal wear. But the rigor of vision is diminished. "

Regarding all the above, Weremczuk recommends that players not appear. "You have an infection risk. In a football field, grass, dirt and other things, there is a high risk of infection, "he added.

"The eyes should be oxidized or at least not microorganisms. The recommendation was not played. Ideally, it should be a perfect place to cure his eye "he added.

Finally, the doctor also spoke Gonzalo Lamardo, another injured player: "It has corneal wear and reduces visual acuity, but it's a little better than Pablo Pérez. It has seven decades of visual appearance in the wounded eyes ", he concludes.

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