Monday , May 29 2023

The participant in Pasapalabra made a mistake in its deletion: it would change the CHV error | TV and shows


On Wednesday night, it is one of the most popular participants Pasapalabra "Rosco" was eliminated in a fight.

About this Alan González, The young Talcahuano native, until he kept several unpublished chapters Claudia Contreras, losing a single answer. He scored 20 and scored 21.

However, this situation would not be available this Thursday, Gonzalez used his social networks to explain a mistake in his opponent's game, and unintentionally appeared in the production of the Xabier program.

"The people in Pasapalabra have never thought of a specific aspect of the program, but in this past it is healthy to unravel"Said a part of his message in a few minutes he got several reactions.

"Yes, the word "Federacionismo", yesterday in the chapter, is a mistake and the score must be entered into 20 goals and 3 errors both"He said.

It should be noted that Claudia's answers to the program, Julián Elfenbein reviewed the concepts and "F & # 39; When he arrived he read: ": "The theory that defends the principles of the Federation or current political … federalism".

Obviously, the publications sparked controversy over Twitter and at that time Alan tweeted again to make sure that space production was aware and that it changed its mistakes.

"Talking about production, we all missed the mistake, and that will change. Of course, we keep discretion and we will tell you then"He said.

Additionally, add another twee: "In the rest, I value the professionalism and transparency of the group, and I have the will to perceive imperfectly the imperatives. I appreciate and value it".

So, arguably, according to the RAE, based on the game, the word "Federacionismo" does not exist and the correct concept is "Federalism".

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