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The patient relieves the Victorian physician

Users of the Municipal Health of Vitoria-Gasteiz do not have 48 hours of medical attention, officials will stop the protests against the doctor's attacks.

In severe midwifery injuries, after a user has attacked, with a violent profile that demands a doctor's prescription request, there is a doctor at Victoria Family Health Center.

The incident happened after noon, in this circumstance, when the surgeon Patricio Benitez participated in a healthcare center, a patient, in a violent way, attacked a computer and dropped it in the doctor's mind. He got points to cut.

In regards to the event, President Ferfusam Carlos Mena stated that "a user falls to the doctor's office, attends a child under one month and puts him on the computer, cutting the head, a medium sore wound that should be saturated, approximately six inches. The report was made by the judge about the case and the aggressor was arrested. "

In 2018, physical attacks by health workers were reported in ten cases, much more added to them, were not reported or incidentally caused by malicious agents, which officials daily suffer.

The head of the municipal health personnel, as a result, has announced that "paralysis and reflection take place one day, until Friday, until thirty, about the city of Victoria, about 300 civil servants."

The Victoria Traguen and Selva Oscura health centers do not pay attention to patients. 7 from rural messages

Aggressive audiences will be presented in the Victoria Guarantee Court to monitor the legality of the detainee. It will respect the duties of the prosecutor, by preventive detention and by the prohibition to approach the patient to the medical attack.

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