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The PDI detective attacked and killed an attacker

a Research Police (PDI) fired and killed at least three people, trying to steal this Friday at the San Migel neighborhood in the early hours, In the Metropolitan Region.

There was an incident at around 2:00 a.m. when it was detected In his private vehicle, he was a member of his house, First Splitter and located at the intersection of Cuarta Avenida.

Depending on the information provided Carabineros Captain Gerardo Mediavilla Castro, vocal officer of the Metropolitan South PrefectureThe civilian police killed at least three people with firearms "trying to steal his vehicle."

"He is identified as an official police officer and, in the face of the future danger of his life and his partner, attitudes do not exclude his attitude, he uses his service weapon About four options"he added Mario Cisternas subprefecto, head of the PDI round.

Both criminals received bull wounds: one The scene died at a time, while second treatment is treated at a hospital center.

The third antisocial fled in an unknown direction.

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