Wednesday , September 28 2022

The PDI investigates the discovery of two organizations at the Las Compañías sector in La Serena


The PDI staff is investigating the discovery of the body of the two men of the two companies of La Compañía.

The pedestrian finds, at 1:00 p.m., next to one of the sports in the sector, informing Carabineros about the note.

Situated in the street Islón Avenue, Aurora of ChileThe police arrived and confirmed that two people were killed.

The prosecutor's office examined the case of the court Homicide Brigade PDI.

According to antecedents, two dead people found pedestrians in a ruco type, apparently two nights, two of them were in a street.

"In this place, the respective additives were realized, as an external study of the dead There are no elements or appearances, because the victims had not been injured ", stressed Cristian Lobos, head of the La Serena Homicide Brigade.

The dead bodies were taken to the Legal Medical Services to determine the corresponding autopsy and death motive.

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