Thursday , October 6 2022

The penis is diminishing to this senseless reason


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The scientists at the University of Padua in Italy have frightened this opportunity Do not stick to the men who used their mother-in-law In cooking, they crumble the penis.

According to the study, 383 men with an average age of 183 were sentenced to death 12 percent high and 6 percent wide Cooking utensils are consumed by PFC-flavored food products.

These, in turn, affect male hormones A bit could fall a centimeter They say they are pregnant while pregnant Sun.

du Chemical PFC Waterproof clothing, fast food and grease containers, medicines, electronics, etc. can also be found. They have lower fertility, bladder cancer, early menopause, low birth rate, thyroid problems, high cholesterol and poor function of the immune system.

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