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The photo appears on the corpse of Juan Gabriel, but the ex-manager does not believe it [FOTOS]


December 18, 2018 8:30 PM.

Joaquín MuñozThe former director of the Mexican singer, Juan Gabriel, said that this morning's photo is supposed to be a false photo.

In the multimedia interview on the multimedia program "Vivalavi", Muñoz announced the publication of the magazine "Tv" magazine. "There is a photomontage there," Muñoz said.

Also this morning, Juan Gabriel himself spoke, he was allegedly said that he was emitted in the photo against publishing.

"Yes, people are respected In Mexico With regards to Juan Gabriel fans and I will prepare the order, "he said.

The former director stressed that "El Divo de Juárez" is alive and the next Christmas will appear again, because it will be a great "gift".

In the "TV Notas" edition of this week's edition, a story was published on the image and on the basis of a file sent by a person.

According to the publication, this person has asked to continue to be anonymous, but "El Divo de Juárez" has proved that speculation is over the dead and after a few months.

The document provided is from the judge, and Juan Gabriel died on August 28, 2016, in Santa Monica, California.

The person confirmed that he was sorry about the death of Mexican interpreter, but he was the son of Ivan Aguilera and Juan Gabriel, the universal heir.

In fact, one of the points that create most confidence was the remains of the singer.

They arrived in the city of Toluca, in the center of Mexico, but the ruins never arrived.

Only when he was seen in the water with the ashes of the singer he received a tribute Fine Arts Palace In the Mexican capital and later, when they sent some family figures at the home of the singer's family in Ciudad Juárez, a state located in the north of Mexico.

He was the president of Juan Gabriel, Joaquín Muñoz, who offered a press conference in November to ensure that the singer is alive.

"Divo" reappeared on December 15, but this did not happen and then changed its version to ensure it would be on January 7. This morning, with the supposed image publication, the return date has changed again.

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