Wednesday , January 26 2022

The photo taken from Osiris-REx shows about 112 million kilometers Trade | Technology and science | science


"La Canica Azul" is probably a photo Earth more to recognize, In 1972, the Apollo 17 crew picked up the imageIt was taken by the last astronauts on the moon. In this image you can clearly identify our planet. Today almost 50 years later, A probe took 112 million kilometers to land a land image.

The photo captured by the probe Osiris-Rex You can see it as a small light on the ground at the bottom left of the image, Next, the moon is the lowest point that orbits our planet.

Another brightness in the photo, in the right field, is Bennu, an asteroid that is intended to be analyzed over the next few months. Due to the proximity, space rock that had to take 43 kilometers of 43 kilograms was over.

The mission of Osiris-REx is orbit Bennu, to study the best point of the surface perch and the physical samples of his composition returned to the Earth and thus brought a part of heavenly body for the first time.

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