Wednesday , October 16 2019
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The play of the year at Fortnite

Fortnite's players are taking advantage of their level over time. In the end, it is a title in which, if you do not spend many hours, it is practically impossible to improve.

This level increase by the players provokes that Let's see more and more spectacular plays. This is what has happened during the celebration of the Winter Royale, the last tournament organized by Epic Games that brings together the best players in Europe and North America.

During the qualifying phase, Garvin 'BlooTea' Chen got seven eliminations and Victoria Magistral in a single minute.

Also, if you analyze the play from the beginning, you realize that it is not about luck, but from the beginning BlooTea looks for the confrontation with his rivals.

The most amazing of all is the This player's precision with the slider shotgun, one of the deadliest weapons, but also the most difficult to use.

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