Wednesday , May 18 2022

The player recognizes the lying of women's attacks


The Kareem Hunt chorus acknowledged that Kansas City Chiefsi was saying that in February this week he talked about a woman's attack on the Cleveland hotel.

ESPN was interviewed live on Sunday, as the former NFL champion was in a hurry, as leaders of the League did not face a problem. The scams came to Friday until the video was closed when TMZ Sports was broadcast.

Hunt, who was preparing to go to Oakland game on Sunday, shortly after receiving the Chiefs practice facility. The NFL Commissioner was placed on the list of exceptions, the team's training was called to the headquarters and Chiefs canceled.

"They thought they were lying. Yes, I said:" I've accepted the Hunt. "In essence, they said:" We love you, we care about you, but I just need to go. "The interview was very hard, and the Chiefs did the right thing, I made a rigorous decision and I am ready to fulfill the responsibility."

In the video, whose images are not very clear, Hunt is beginning to argue with a woman. Several men control it.

The player pushes a man and throws him down, he does not know. Then, Hunt threw a shot against the woman who was lying on the ground.

"Directors are reasons. I did not tell everything," confessed Hunt. "My actions cause this and I really want forgiveness to them and they do not know that there is no resentment."

The videos instantly compared Ray Rice with Baltimore Ravens racer four years ago. In one of these pictures, Rice spent his bride on the elevator.

In that case, the soap opera was lawful, as former director Robert Mueller conducted the FBI's investigation into how the NFL managed it.

In the end, it would hire more league workers to carry out this kind of in-house investigations, and it would be actively involved in similar situations.

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