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The power of pickup in Volkswagen


Amarok means "wolves" in the Eskimo language, and Inuit is associated with a giant wolf in mythology. Other polar polar tribes use Amarok as the wolf as a species as a whole. Volkswagen has a long solidarity with the wolf through Wolfsburg, a central factory whose name is «the wolf's territory».

Amarok represents many of the features of Volkswagen trucks. These include an effort, sustainability and satisfaction with any task.


Throughout its 8 years, Amarok adjusted to the increasingly demanding market. In 2012, 8-speed automatic transmission was exclusive, with only one segment, adding 180 horsepower engine. In 2013, the introduction version also received motor modifications from 122hp to 140hp. In addition, this year, the successful program "Amarok Expert" was launched, which has enabled the vendors to have all the necessary tools to provide customers with advice in all parts of the country.

In 2014, Amarok continued to innovate, introduced its 42 box automatic box and launched its first special version, "Dark Label" successfully. This process did not stop, and in 2015 the equipment was expanded with the launch of two-Xen headlights, electrically folding mirrors and new tires, to launch the exclusive "Ultimate" version of the same car year.

In 2016 Amarok completely renewed the new Amarok in the fantastic city of El Calafate, along with new external and internal designs, with security, technology, connectivity and comfort. In this way, Volkswagen confirms its commitment in the pick-up segment to strengthen its position in the Amarok market.

2017 marks a new milestone in Amarok's history, making Amarok the new V6 the strongest vehicle becoming a middle pick-up segment.

This year the Comfortline version began with the V6 engine, ready to work on the powerful Amarok collection machine.


Trendline: This is a version of the pick-ups that Volkswagen offers. It has sealed 16 "steel wheels (only in a cabin), leather ecology with shallow seats, adjustable front seats, rear parking spaces and" RCD 230G "radios CD, MP3, USB, SD card, Aux Input, i-Pod connectivity and Bluetooth

To continue adding elements to a work tool, it offers an entry-level version, standard and in a single and double booth, synthesizing the Hard Work package, the rubber floor and the leather seat. These topics are very useful for the user and the vehicle provides robustness and practicality.

The brand is constantly based on adding topics that add extra simplification to everyday work and increase user comfort. Amarok is basically a work machine and, with the creation of these new items, makes the work more pleasant.

Comfortline: This version has a product price ratio, not only its benefits, but also its equipment. 17 "alloy wheels," Kemisu "fabric cover, multi-function steering wheel, front and rear parking sensor, 2.0 TDI 180cv engines," Composition Media "radio CD, MP3, USB, SD card and App-Connect

Responsibility is one of the pillars of the Volkswagen brand, anchored under this concept and improved our active and passive security of all our pick-ups, including the Comfortline version. We incorporate the Differential Block, which is a unique Pick Up that offers all the versions in all versions, as well as version 4×2. Both double cabin versions will have airbags to protect against 4 front edges, such as sides (head and trax).

Technology is also another basic pillar, which is why the Volkswagen App Connect was created, the most modern application for smartphone connectivity and interactive applications, which allows the mirror in the multimedia center. order from the phone system to the screen and vice versa.

Does Volkswagen offer customers the ability to connect their mobile phones through MirrorLink? How about Android Auto? or Apple CarPlay?

Highline: 18 "alloy wheels, electrically adjusted front seats, two climatronic" automatic air conditioning, back-up camera, "Discover Media" radio CD, MP3, USB, SD card, i-Pod and Bluetooth connectivity, App-Connect and browsers

Amarok V6

Volkswagen introduced in June 2017 a new Amarok V6 with two versions: Low and Extreme. Our election continues to grow and improve General Pacheco, as a product manufactured in Argentina, as a national product and worldwide, with more than 33 countries and five continents, according to the same standard and quality standards. Product produced in Germany.

For eight years, Amarok has produced more than half a million. In a short time we have achieved a great position in the model with a very competitive segment in Argentina and a constant growing pattern. With the contribution of Amarok V6, Volkswagen maintains leadership in the Argentine automobile market for 15 years.

With 6-cylinder 3.0L turbo diesel engines with 224 hp and 550 Nm, Amarok V6 becomes the strongest segment and remains the track record for the automotive history in Argentina.

Amarok V6 is available with 4Motion traction (permanent, on four wheels), associated with eight high-speed automatic transmissions, the only segment. That's why it offers wheel-insight and great dynamic performance. It offers two new configurations of outdoor equipment: Amarok V6, stainless steel bar style, obstacles to the same material and "Milford" 19 "edges, and Amarok V6 Extreme, Sportsbar, flat stirrups Aluminum and" Talca "20" tires.

In April of this year, Volkswagen complies with the Standard Euro V V-Amarok V6, supplying a 3.0 L-turbodiesel engine with V, 224 hp and 550 Nm 6-cylinder engines. This variant aims to increase the supply of a more and more competitive route, not only for the short-term power of competition but also in higher versions.

The new Amarok V6 Comfortline is available with 4Motion traction (permanent integral in four wheels), with only one segment associated with eight-speed automatic transmission recognition. That's why it offers wheel-insight and great dynamic performance.

Additionally, OverBoost maintains the function that overloads the power of the system that exceeds the performance values ​​in a given period of time. This function is available between 50 and 120 km / h, delivering additional 20 CV (244 CV) in 10 seconds or 140 km / h.


Amarok leads segment sales in the savings plan market and since its launch in 2013, more than 63,700 customers have subscribed.

Autoahorro offers its Ao Seguro Commercial Plan with the Amarok 4×2 Trendline 140 CV subscribers model, in a 70/30 reduced plan format, 84 months.

This plan offers exclusive benefits for subscribers:

– Established in the first 12 Tasks, from 2 to 13, which allows the client to have a stability scheme during the first year, improving the virtues of the savings plan, in line with the system's popular features. a comprehensive offer to predict the value of your payments.

– "Volkswagen Auto Savings Support" is a 24-month insurance policy within 24 months, which protects your income against an unexpected break. This innovative poverty is unique in the market and ensures that the customer continues to pay his / her savings plan in the event of any event. It is aimed at the relationships of dependency and monotributor / self-employed, in the first case, in the first case or in the second, due to total disability or disability.

Volkswagen Financial Services

Amarok's alternative financing is of interest at Volkswagen Financial Services, Volkswagen Financial Company:

? Within a period of 18 months, the rate is 6.9% in capital

After sales

For Post Sale services, they are more interesting: 25% discount and 6 installments with no interest at the VISA card, valid for 12/9/2014 or 150 contracts, as a default.

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