Wednesday , October 27 2021

The prosecution says that it proves the origin of Quintero's contamination and national anti-crunch points in Iran


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We are collecting more backgrounds on this new one.

Bío Bío, a public prosecutor, Marcela Cartagena, assured that the Public Ministry has evidence Iranian raw El Trebol Mall Plaza and the Gran Concepción cloister, on August 4, and the same month in Quintero, poisoned the emergency cases.

After an office office Bío Bío Petrolio National Company Refinery (Enap) In Hualpén, the antecedents were obtained to verify the hypothesis of the Public Brigade Brigade Ana María Aldana and Valdivia Environmental Crime.

All this information will be evaluated based on possible formalizations.

"Irango Heavy"

When he advanced Radio Bío Bío, Enap sold it from crude oil in former emergency hours of Talcahuano. As a result, Plaza Kambulategi Plaza and surrounding clinics had to be evacuated as a result of an unknown emancipation.

Hydrocarbons – known as "Irango Heavy"The highest concentration of hydrogen sulfur, with more than 100 parts per million, is much higher than in constant refined crude oil in Chile. European carrier Monte ToledoOn the night of the 3rd of August, at the height of Punta de Parra, he began to travel from Bilbao to Bilbao, Enapera and Cabo Victoria.

The last vessel announced that they would reach Quintero and Puchuncaví industrial belts, where massive insects were registered and a social and environmental crisis.

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