Friday , September 24 2021

The Psychologist advises 5 of a better sleeping life for a PSU

It is very likely that those who take the University Selection Test (UPE), closer to date, sleep less, nerves, severity, pressure.

Consequently, the psychologist and mortgagor José Luis Rojas recommends how to get sleep. "Sleep hygiene is always important, especially for young people to make a PSU."he says.

"Using a computer analogy, the memory obtained in the lesson is reorganized, as it can be kept in the long term as the memory RAM is resolving in the hard drive," explained psychologists by analogy.

And it adds: "This memory consolidation process takes place in a loan, it is a part of the work being done lately and it will be the luggage of the student".

In the same way, Rojas means "proper hygiene for sleeping".

– Sleep the necessary hours and nights
– Sleep before your body sleeps
– The body (like dogs and cats) spread when they wake up
– Avoid the use of lo-inducing drugs
– Shut off electronic and cellular equipment
– Sleep in a dark room

José Luis Rojas recommends doing exercises, trekking, or walking with the body and brain oxygen.

"And before joining the PSU, I recommend eating a bit of chocolate, such as phenylethylamine in the brain, if it's a feeling of wellbeing, it will get better results"it ends

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