Friday , May 20 2022

The robustness of Peruvian rigidity goes up in dollars


The Peruvian tax situation depreciates against its currency dollar, compared to what happened in other countries, said the chairman of the Julio Velarde Bank Central Reserve (BCR).


"There are already signs that there are some forces that can affect us".

Peru has the largest international net reserves (NIR) in relation to gross domestic product (GDP).

In 2017 it achieved 63,600 million dollars, 29.7 of the GDP.


"Chile's lowest regional public debt in both cases is in the GDP quarter, with a current account of 1.6% of GDP, and net public debt, excluding government deposits, reaches 11% of the GDP," he explained.

"That is, we have a strong fiscal position in force, a strong reserve position, low inflation and a manageable deficit of the current account," he said.


In the current fiscal year, United States currencies accounted for 4.17% compared to the solar, considering that the local market dollar price closed at 3,373 yesterday.

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