Wednesday , January 26 2022

The sadness of a small child's child when he learned that Soteldo was a club he learned to sport


Confirmed after Yeferson Soteldo Unless a player from the University of Chile is concerned, minus four-year-old little childWhen he heard it again, tears came in.

Minor called Bruno Luciano Campos – With the help of his old brother, he could not tear the Venezuelan tears into the gold list.

"Fanatism gave me the mother's brother and my dad. Until last year, I was United Curicó and Soteldo likes to play at the 2017 Farm game, in a match between Curicó Unido vs. Huachipato. I dreamed to reach Water and it cameFor the work I had with me, and for the work I had done for my brothers, Yeferson was always very pleasing, he took his pictures and put his shirt on the last match against Curicó against U. When I get close to the players, it hurts me to leave but I do not regret it, I was delighted to have two younger brothers (Valentin and Bruno) and I would do it again, "said Nicolás, younger brother.


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