Saturday , February 4 2023

The scientist who announced the creation of genetically modified babies defended his experiment


du Scientific scientist He Jiankui defended Wednesday the effectiveness of his experiment to ensure the creation of the first genetically modified baby in the world to deal with certain diseases, such as HIV.

"The research has produced effective results and has been reviewed in the scientific community".He participated in the second edition of the Human Genome edition at the Hong Kong University.

In his speech, I-that He acknowledged that his experience was not sponsored by an official organization– We could defend two genetically edited twins, Lulu and Nana, "were born healthy and happy", thanks to the in vitro fertilization of genetic modification technology " They will avoid being infected with HIV ".

I have justified the use of the technique of the CRISPR / Cas9 genre and underlined it the experiment was not about to eliminate genetic diseases ", but that "Providing the girl with a natural ability to face future HIV infections".

"These people need help and technology"He said, and they indicated that parents had information about their dangers in the experiment and showed their consent.

"Despite the high progress in HIV treatments, new infections continue to have many problems in many countries, especially the most developed," he added.

He experimented with seven couples, with one of the members of the infected HIV, and stated that "There are more pregnancies" among them.

Also scientist He thanked the University of Science and Technology of the South Basque Country Since working with Shenzhen, "Although they did not know" what he was doing.

Last Monday The University announced that it will investigate the scientist If your experience violates laws or their regulations.

Feel the University to claim "Surprised by deep case", as qualified "serious violation of ethics and academic standards".

That same day More than 120 academics According to the Chinese scientific community, it was stated in a statement Sina WeiboChinese equivalent of Twitter, which "any attempt" changes of human embryos through genetic modifications "crazy" and what to give These babies are wearing a "great danger".

Magazines worldwide Nature He was debated today and argued in an article The ad has caused "an attack" If the international scientific community is true, "it would be a significant leap forward in the use of the human genome".

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