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The secret to keeping young and protected skin is "knowing". Science

The special type of subcutaneous skin cells that make body fat, the process that leaves the wrinkles over the years, is a secret to keeping the skin young and protected.

"Why do we stop skin loss for many years," says Richard Gallo, head of California Department of Dermatology in California, in San Diego (UCSD) and author of the study.

This research, published in scientific immunity, turns some dermis cells known as fibroblasts into a tissue that is deposited under the skin and looks like a young person.

Similarly, fibroblasts produce a peptide (the unity of a few amino acids), "it plays an important role in the fight against infections," said a study by a group of UCSDs.

"Fibroblasts cause the loss of fat conversion ability to explain how skin skin infections affect and how skin affects aging," the researcher explained.

Gallo says that this process is unique and that it is typical of certain fibroblasts, so gaining weight is not a solution to achieve this fatty tissue, which helps the skin to look great and fight against infections.

On the contrary, he adds, "obesity affects the ability to fight infections." Research details TGF-Beta protein, which controls numerous cellular functions, "fibroblasts are becoming fat and avoids the production of cathelicidin, an antimicrobial peptide that protects against bacterial infections."

"Children have a lot of skin fat, especially good for dealing with certain types of infections," he added, according to age, that fibroblasts will lose their ability to become fat.

"The skin with a lower fat layer looks much younger. Over the years, the skin's appearance does not only overlook the skin, but also prevents skin fluid," he says.

Investigations conducted through laboratory mice utilized chemist blockers to inhibit the action of "aging" TGF-Beta, which recovered the "wrinkle" skin.

The same result occurred when the TGF-Beta function was blocked by genetic action techniques, which made it possible for researchers to "stop aging".

The researchers stressed the importance of recovering the appearance of young people, but protecting skin infections that endanger the life of older people.

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