Tuesday , May 18 2021

The sector is rapidly moving ahead with Pirque

The forest fire in the sector of San Juan de Pirque, in the Metropolitan Region, the national emergency office declared a common red alert tonight.

As reported Conaf, the accident has destroyed five hectares of vegetation and "active, fast forward ".

The corporation has determined through Twitter in the fight against two emergencies the brigades and a Conaf helicopter, "when they had finished sunset, they had to go back to the base."

Onemi stressed that "fire is close to the people " Red alert will be invalid until "conditions are guaranteed".

Municipality: "It's in a danger zone"

Alfredo Otazo, deputy mayor of Pirque and the public security chief of the townHe said cooperative that's it San Francisco's Franciscan San Francisco San Francisco Franciscan Fire District was raised. "

"We have already taken all the operating protocols, which were named as the highest warning. The fireworks of Pirque, Puente Alto and San José de Maipo already have "said Otazo.

The mayor, "Although the fire is somewhat violent, it still does not cover large areas, but it is very dangerous. Therefore, we must monitor it as soon as possible. "

"We do not damage any housing, but there is a risk that we should avoid it," he said.

For its part, the Provincial Governor of the Cordillera recommended to Pirque and its surrounding communities "not to approach the forest fire."

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