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The silence broke: Diego Boneta confirmed harassment by Daniela Palavecino

In previous notes we told you about the alleged harassment by Daniela Palavecino to Diego Boneta. And this actress changed her name during the Festival of Vineyard to spend her days doing interviews with different figures. One of them, the interpreter of Luis Miguel in the series of Netflix.

The controversial video with Boneta

In the images that the actress published in her Instagram account, she can see how she, in a lewd manner, approaches Boneta with the intention of kissing her. To do this, he says that it is a tradition in Chile. "The entertainers with the cheerleaders, every night, like kabbalah kiss in the mouth".

Despite the disbelief of Boneta, Palavecino insists. After that, the Mexican acceded to give it. But it did not take five seconds for her to grab her neck. He with his eyes wide open and his face puzzled, his kissing responds quite coldly.

Network users quickly reacted, and the name of Daniela Palavecino quickly became a trending national theme. Among the criticisms, the most repeated was "Harassment can be for both sides", referring to a woman should also be judged by this type of practice.

Later the actress blocked the comments in her Instagram account.

The defense of Palavecino

In spite of this, the actress of "Casa de Muñecos" talked with La Cuarta to disarm the mess. "What happens is that the Gala is an atmosphere where there is a lot of shows. Where everyone is super willing to arm situations and we are both actors, so everything was super fluid," he said.

Then, he defended himself by stating that "in fact, afterwards we commented and said" thanks for the good wave "and he said 'thanks to you, it was super fun.' It went super fun and organic."

Before closing, the interpreter said that in this context "that night everything flowed" and that Boneta was not the only one with whom "piquitos" was given.

Of course, Boneta had something different to say

Through his Twitter account, the Mexican actor replied to an article that asked the question "Driver kisses Diego Boneta and ignites the controversy: Is harassment".

"#MeToo" responded the protagonist of this story, making it clear that the kiss was forced.

In subsequent comments, different apology messages were shown on the part of Chileans. Some express shame and others, even, assuring that Palavecino "does not represent us as a country".

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