Thursday , October 21 2021

The son of Gustavo Ceratien gives good opinions on the conflict between Prófugos and Soda Stereo. | TV and show


This week he began to heated controversy without losing indifference. Director of the tribute to the Soda Stereo group fugitiveFelipe Reyes (43) said in a newspaper interview Third Charly Alberti (55), founder and creator of the Argentinean team, threatened to sue them if they did not sue.

Reyes announced that it will be the last concert on Friday fugitiveAlbert told his request that "people believe in Soda Stereo." Silk Bosio is more neutral, but it does not like to fill the theaters. "

On the other hand, the Trasandino responded to Reyes and made sure that he never applied for it and described it as "imaginative people." "The tribute groups do not use any images or logos (…) anything else," he said.

"(Felipe Reyes) always creates press conditions to confirm himself, Without a doubt, we do not pay attention to our place "said the battery.

A third opinion on this conflict was completed: Benito Cerati (25), the son of Gustavo Cerati, who usually thinks about Twitter … and this time was no exception.

The musician also assured young musicians that he was very happy to pay homage to his father's team, They do not hurry.

As I am paying tribute to "Soda" (stereo), I listen to those that I turn on like the Soda that we inflate the balls. It's easier and does not catch me a lot ", which is indicated in the social network, with a typical satira and real tone.

The commentary created an applauding platform where he also praised the music of young men.

It is necessary to remember that, a couple of weeks ago, Benito Cerati had an epileptic attack on the public highway, where many Trans-Andean media assured What happened to the woman who was listening to her father's music. Gaztek Twitter denied the second one.

"I was epileptically two years ago, yesterday I was attacked on the street. I am beautiful, stubborn but fine. The media is nonsense, they do not tell the pelotaris," he said.

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