Friday , May 20 2022

The Sony phone might be a reality very soon


Manufacturers are getting more and more mobile phones flexible display. We have already seen how Samsung Galaxy X will be the first mobile phone Samsung and Sony seem to want to get involved. And they burst a surprisingly patent.

Yes, Sony itself works mobile phone And not only that, but this enigmatic Xperia would have a panel with folding screen and, although flexible, it would be transparent.

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In this way, the device would have a dual-panel system, one on the front and the other on the back. The device may also be capable of transmitting the device, in some patent pictures.

Sony folding phone

Sony folding phones will have 6 modes

As you can see in the patents images that come with the article, along with the performance generated by LetsGoDigital boys, we can see design layout Folding the phone with the screen Through Sony, offering different ways to maximize your system's options with dual screen.

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For example, we have seen that the device has become transparent, very useful for creating a full AR experience, as well as the bottom buttons that can be used to activate certain functions.

Keep in mind that today is not a single patent, so we can not guarantee it at all Sony works on its folding phone, Although it would be sensible.

It should be taken into account that more and more manufacturers are taking this new market very seriously, working for the solution, it is very logical that the Japanese manufacturer, one of the innovation icons, decides to make a folding Xperia in 2019.

Of course, we must hurry because there are more competitors in this market smartphone with folding screen. And those who still come. However, we must be patient and wait for a few months. If the manufacturer prepares a folding phone, it is likely that the Japanese company will take advantage of the next CES Las Vegas next week to feature Nevada's first week of January in Nevada.

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