Monday , August 8 2022

The Spanish airlines are not the most pointy in the news of Airlines, rss1


Punctuality and success are an increasingly competitive world of commercial airliners, in the latter case, in Air Baltic's last four years, people flying south of Latvia, the countries' flag, a worldwide company with the highest punctuality point.

However, the Air Baltic was the best airline in the world in Panama, Copa Airlines, despite its narrow margin, according to a report published by the OAG 2019 Punctuality League. This does not have any business. Spanish, despite the fact that it has been tracking 58 million records last year, according to Forbes.

The definition of OAG's accuracy is within 15 minutes of departure of flights or scheduled schedules, as well as cancellation.

Thus, in 2018, 89.79% of the Company Airlines flight operated, which exceeded 89.17% of Air Baltic. The success of Copa Airlines in the medium-sized airports has increased, with greater punctuality, with the 91.1% of Panama City for the first time.

The third punctuality of Hong Kong Airlines was last year's rate, 88.11% of flights, following Hawaii Airlines and Bangkok Airways. According to the time zone of 87.52, Hawaiian is one of two toponyms. The other is the Delta, with number 16, and 83.08% of its flights arriving or arriving.

Every year, more than 30 million passengers from mega airports, Tokyo Haneda was the first punctuality, following Atlanta and Singapore Changi.

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