Monday , June 5 2023

The Spanish indecision of the Union won the sport with the ANFP Moreno


Vote the vote. How did they go? Jorge Uauy and Sebastián Moreno The competition presidency lasted four laps ANFP, Harold Mayne-Nicholls left third in only 18 votes.

After that, the majority of the votes of the President of the Palestinian voters, aged 24-22, only voted for the absolute majority of the statutes. From that moment on, the race seemed to run.

In the third round, the result was repeated and Uauy needed more votes to be the new destination of the Quilín headquarters. Unión Española Moreno voted in the first round, and in the second and third place, the Arab goalkeepers. In addition, they lost the two votes they gave to the first B groups insurance.

But the image has changed radically in the fourth round. The Hispanic box again changes itself and Moreno has voted again. In this way, the marker was activated and Arturo Salah tracked 24-22.

finally, Cobreloa broke the balance, followed by Uauyu to vote and defeated the club to Moreno, which allowed 25 new votes for the new head of ANFP.

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