Wednesday , July 6 2022

The story of love "Contra Viento y Marea" made the audience cry


On Wednesday night, Channel 13He has given a new chapter of his program "Against the wind and the tide"He showed an emotional story of love Nataly and Carlos, Although married, they had cancer in their terminal phase.

"It's the strongest thing I have had to face in my career", he said Francisco Saavedra At the beginning of this episode. In the end, Nataly, the mother of four children, died of an aggressive cancer product.

Therefore, during the broadcast, the cheerleader was ashamed of emotion, often crying on the screen. "I think that Chilean is a story that weighs, like people who are treated in public health, it is clear that a national cancer case needs to be soon"He confirmed the face of 13 channels.

Captain Captain, who also saw Pancho Saavedra, made the necessary arrangements to help the couple. That way, the cheerleader told the newspaper Fourth: "I told my group," we can not record and go through his life without doing something. "We had to help, so I decided to call Luksic, Jorge Zabaleta, or the Minister of Housing."

It should be noted that the couple were married on July 28, but two months later, Nataly was killed. "Two weeks after Nataly died, I opened the store, I was locked and told I could not fall, I had my daughters, I had to do with them," Carlos told the national media.

In this context, he asserted that he was still standing by his children, and Nataly, for that, will soon open his business with his beloved name. "Naty's Corner" or "Where the Naty", one of these names will get a business patent when we get it ", she assured her.

They made a section of emotions crying about television, moving through this love story. Also, many users emphasized the strength of Carlos, with his wife at all times.

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