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"The sum of two will be better than individuality"


Cornershop partners have been months, especially one of the founders of Juan Pablo Cuevas (JPC) and Walmart Chile's CEO, Horacio Barbeito (HB). In September, the most successful local businesses were bought for the last time, which has brought many "giants". But both work happily and hard to create synergies that allow the full potential of the business year.

What happened to companies after the purchase ad?

-JPC: We did not have any effect. The one we have most noticed is our attention. We have been invited to many places we have not invited. And the truth is that the transaction must be approved, so practically in practice, there has not been much. As we have worked, we continue to do the same thing. We hope to be approved soon and we will be able to see the first fruits to work together.

-HB: The purchases made by the company in the past but other types of companies are not atypical. We made a commercial agreement first, we had the chance to get acquainted with each other. Enade Juan Pablo compared, collaborated and then gave way to this wedding and I think that, in that sense, it was very positive, since it was the first investment in China, D & S, and then it starts working. In this case, we met and then we made a purchase ad. The second investment in Chile's investment has been more secure, as well as knowing how to start synergies, it has been very positive and has proposed a value. Cornershop provided us with the last kilometer of excellence required by our stores and supply chains, and we soon realized that we needed Cornershop, not only for sales but also for the proposal of our service. I believe that being a super-natural food and having a commercial agreement allows us to know each other. I think it is essential and we will know how we will work in the future.

What happened to companies with the ad?

-HB: It was positive. This has helped us a lot before. In fact, Juan Pablo, Óscar (Hjertonsson) and Daniel (Undurraga) met with our shareholders last year, when we were exploring the commercial agreement. The Walmart Cornershop is confusing, lightweight and good, and the sum of two is better than individuality.

-JPC: It's been a good news for us. The outside people were amazed and feared it was honest, but over time they had a great opportunity, without any help, which was independent and we were doing. one of the largest companies in the world. People are very motivated.

How do you see the performance of electronic commerce?

-HB: I think that what's happening in some geographic areas is the proposal of our store proposal, our suggestion proposal, and the delivery of Cornershop's customer value for 90-minute delivery. When we see the operation of the ecosystems, we realize that it is not a business of the future, it is a current company. Today, we have a much more powerful and more informed client, and has already acquired this way. So it is for the future to continue growing.

-JPC: I think the customer always wanted to, and he always wanted to do some things, not as much as the client has said in another place, and now wants to take him home. I think anyone who always wanted to bring the product out of the house, can only do it with technology and new developments. Also, I think it is very difficult for consumers to send out what is happening and what one chooses or chooses is what companies must do, what they need to adapt to what the consumer prefers.

-HB: An important concept is digital transformation, that is, personalization. The retail business, 50 years ago, arrived at the inn and it was a one-time individual. Self-service has started a close relationship with our clients and we will return almost immediately. We want to customize the experience that began with the massive. The customer wants to buy the options, and as Juan Pablo sends it, it is a retail compressor that thinks it is fantastic for the competition and for the customer.

What kind of synergy or work can you do together?

-JPC: At first, we tried with all these things. We are always looking for optimization and efficiency to finally provide a better service. In particular, we were collaborating with Leaders over a year and a half, we are trying to make things happen, but it is a premise that, as we use the room, customers do not stop, we have to make a good improvement. So, when we're doing things, I like to add Cornershop's tailor-made custom consumer usage, which is very important, unless it's taken from home, work, or car. At other times I had the time limits. Thus, the products that start buying at different times, then we must decide how these and the rooms work.

-HB: For example, when buyers enter a room and begin "picking up" products, we can know in real time what stock newspapers would end up day by day. When we react more quickly to real-time information, the products tend to sell faster and sell more, sell Cornershop and sell these products. So I think there's a superhero synergy.

But then, one of the biggest retail challenges is in peaks and valleys, and as Juan Pablo said, in the morning, a store was super quiet, most people ordered things and now maybe 100 buyers would make it a great weather in the afternoon. Maximizing the sale was very difficult, since the peak was very marked. So I think that in the end this could make the most of our stores and inventory assets. I think that they will continue to be a synergistic option.

Is there a store that has already changed its behavior?

-HB: Buenaventura is a good example, that is, the main store that coexist with this onmikiality. A store with great physical traffic is the only store with a large number of buyers of Cornershop. The store that sells most stores is 30% of the total sales. Sales online sales are those levels in China. It's a Chilean omni-channel store

Do you want to repeat the sales room again?

-HB: That's what Cornershop's relationship with us is all about. We believe that the future is not only in stores or only online. The customer has different options for different shopping missions.

-JPC: There is a lot of consensus in the world, stores should slightly change to adapt to this new reality, perhaps the same product, the same timetables and the same customers will not sell, but will continue to exist, they will have much more experience knowing new products. In the end, it is necessary to prepare for different customers and uses.

Are synergies between and Cornershop?

-HB: Today, Omnichannel is a great synergy, capable of completing the physical storage proposal, in less than 90 minutes, domestic service. This is a great synergy. When the operation is approved, Juan Pablo team is very good for developing technology and maybe we are exploring things together, but now there are many things in the room, when we perceive the products. Cornershop Shopper, since a large part of the basket's products are pre-cooked, is a bit faster and finally, why not, to improve the promise from 90 minutes to 60 and until 45, I do not know Walmart in China, the customer's desire is within 30 minutes. Of course, the basket is smaller and it is made from establishments called "pickup stores", closer to the neuralgic points of the cities. The pattern is different, they are ideas for flying.

-JPC: Cornershop's mission is to offer the best products of your favorite stores as quickly as possible, and we will try to help you. Another alternative could be closed. One day we will work together with Leads or other stores in the market. We will do that.

-HB: Our goal is to save money for the client to live a better life. A couple of years ago, when clients introduced the notion of time, they managed to save money to our customers, to save lives, I think it's the mother of all synergies.

"More than just thinking about new markets, we're going to strengthen this service"

How was the Cornershop year?

-JPC: short, very short. It's been a great year. Actually, we are very young as a business, we only do three years and 4 months, they have increased every year. We have grown super fast and this year has been the best all year. We've just launched a new product for all small businesses, to get into Conershop and auto-manage them. If you have a store or a neighborhood store, you can access the Cornershop Store and place your store, logo, address, catalog load and start selling. It's an idea to get small merchants who want to be a delivery service in one and a half hours or so.

Did you leave?

-JPC: We are white gear, we have 40 companies and we are increasingly trying to find out more about what we are working for. In the future, the idea is that only stores go up.

-HB: We are very pleased and we are praising it because it reflects what we have done with SMEs. There are SMEs that can sell products from Arica-Punta Arenas through a distribution center that is committed to our infrastructures. We have small neighborhoods with good market products and all Santiago can be accessed through Cornershop. That way he would not get there. Foods are examples of really positive company. The more marketed companies, the more lucrative platform.

Are you looking at other markets?

-HB: It's clear that Cornershop's determination in China and Mexico's two major markets, when we're seeing a lot of growth and opportunity. We are very proud that we are investing in Chilean entrepreneurship company to use this platform in other markets. Once the transaction is approved, we will evaluate it correctly. Meanwhile, as Juan Pablo said, it has been a short year, but it is clear that there is a lot of growth.

-JPC: Since we left Cornershop, we thought it was a very important point of view. We started in Chile and Mexico and we hope we could work in Mexico and Chile, and we hope to win and have a good service. We still have a lot. More than just thinking about new markets, we are currently thinking of consolidating the service, consolidating the product and doing it very well. We are very happy about what we have achieved, but we still have a lot of things left.

-HB: The day we signed the agreement, they were in the room, and the news of "Chaq" (Juan Pablo Cuevas's nickname) was a source of concern and was unable to fulfill its promise. It talks about the quality of the management and cornershop creators, as well as the view of the marked service, first of all service and then growth. I think it is very convenient at this time: excellent service, very good rates of growth.

How Cornershop is a shopper?

-JPC: it's very different. With all the technological platforms, with a dense, flexible work, you will finally reach all the people. On the one hand, they are super young people, students, taking advantage of the weekend or days with no classes or new graduates. On the other hand, even if children are older, they need more time to return to work. The third group is already a group that sees Cornershop or platforms as the first income source or wants to complete their work. They are people who work full or have other jobs and accessories. They are older too.

-HB: A couple of husbands came home from home. He told me he was retired when he was 70. He knew where he came from the supermarket and helped him with heavy things. "We woke up a few screams, we make 4 or 5 hours a day and we feel happy," he told me. It is not a large group, but it may be a great option for those who are still working. Today it can be a small team, but it has a great potential tomorrow.

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