Monday , January 25 2021

The tax reform will live a key day between the national differences between opposition and government

On Monday afternoon, a keyring is expected to process Tax reform In congress

At the end of the legislature after three weeks, This project has not yet voted in general In the Lower House Finance Committee, positions between the Government and the opposition are far away.

Nueva Majororía and Frente Amplio have challenged the courts compensation mechanisms The executive proposes before the full integration of the system, which is why they hope to open Moneta, among other ideas, tax increases for people with higher incomes, It is part of the Christian Democracy and PPD vision.

The Chairman of the Commission, deputy Pablo Lorenzini, is more likely March vote on the idea of ​​the legislature. If it is earlier, it will depend on the Government's provision.

The ministry of finance, Felipe Larraín, stressed that the committee voted for the idea of ​​the legislature before the legislatures. He stated that he was willing to talk, but the project did not blur.

When Radio Bío Bío consulted, he also hoped that the State Secretary available to parliamentarians.

The next president of the Financial Committee, Communist deputy Daniel Núñez, said it is impossible to vote The idea to rule this month.

That day, among others, Alfonso Swett, Confederation of Production and Commerce, will be President. tax rises for people with higher incomesHe criticized some of the heads of other companies.

In conversation with La Radio, Swett said that they expect this Promotion and investment in the project, emphasizing the idea of ​​reducing the corporation tax rate.

At 3:00 p.m., the House of Representatives Reform is discussed.

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