Monday , October 18 2021

The TPS manager disclaims occupational problems with port workers


Tuesdays were filled 32 days since leaving the port of Valparaíso, due to requests made by temporary staff with the company South Pacific Terminal (TPS).

While protests intensify violence forces, other regional operators have made a gesture of support. The government, in turn, promotes a solution.

to Oliver WeinreichThe CEO of TPS, this stop – the first one that lives on business – has "suspended confidence" and has been described as "lamentable".

He also excluded that mobilization based on the labor conflict. "At that moment we did not work with the TPS staff", Weinreichek certified.

"We classify it as an unexpected lockIt's all because of our operations, "he added.

He also stated that the TPS's work relationship lasts for about 8 hours.

"All of this in a legal framework is not an appropriate company. Chile's port companies use this model," said the CEO of TPS.

After dismissing this conflict of work, Oliver Weinreiche has said that "public order conflicts" is " and that is the statue that must intervene.

Conflict resolution

The company proposes it A $ 350,000 loan and $ 200,000 gift for Christmas, excluding the $ 2 million dollar bonus bonus requested by the staff.

"We are not accepting loans," said Marco Montecinos, a spokesman for the movement.

However, for the company's CEO, This would be "help" to compensate for the small volume which receives the port during this date.

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What do the staff demand?

  • $ 2 million bonus
  • $ 500 thousand credit
  • Sustainable improvement
  • Do not have "black list"

What does TPS offer?

  • USD 550 thousand
  • $ 200 thousand gift card
  • Gift box and merchandise box
  • Sustainable improvement

For this reason, Weinreiche has stated that "This offer has been improved"Regarding the initially raised.

"We have already improved everything possible, but it is better to improve it The company is not sustainable to offset everything. We have made a great effort to achieve this, "he said.

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On the other hand, it is not a temporary worker's request "Black Listing"This means that the list of people to be penalized has ended the conflict or has not been recruited.

In this sense, Oliver Weinreiche said: "We want to work with the work. (…) our staff should ask what we should see. They have been threatened, we have to take responsibility for our people and we must work as a team. "

"At the moment we want to define it and with whom we can not work. But we have a very serious problem with the violent peopleHe added.

finally, general manager TPS has said that this year, the company had a regular drop compared to previous years, and even though 2016 was less than that. However, he does not know the causes of the conflict this year.

"Here were other requests that exploded. Two million, first of all, five million. He asked for a bonus that would stop. You can not reach it, stop at the port and ask for five million. There is no company to deal withSaid Oliver Weinreich.

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