Friday , August 19 2022

The trucks carry thousands of cigar packs from Arica. national


They have taken a truck with thousands of cigar packs from Arica

Sudden uniforms detected in Route 5 South, which was "cigarette-packed in boxes", machine transfer to Maipú.

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On Monday morning, the Carabineros personnel transported thousands of branded cigar packs. Arica.

They were arrested by the truck driver after police detected by police The southern 5th route, "After a study by the Department of Police Research (SIP) 52º Rinconada de Maipú station ", According to Captain Andres Mora.

One could even have a machine that included "boxes of crates in boxes", where they also hid some clothes and other products.

He was arrested on the lorry driver to abduct the Customs Law and stay in court.

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