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The Typographer »PSU's only hours What role does a student's family have to play?


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On Monday, the University Optional Test (PSU) begins, the time that young people stress the stress of young people, so it is very important to have a family atmosphere, to manage anxiety and frustration in an appropriate way, should be an important part of conversing with them.

For this reason, psychologists Claudia Sarrazín and Cristina Vera provide recommendations in the Therapy Unit of families working with children and adolescents at the Family Therapy Unit (IChTF), both for students and their families. PSU performance is the key.

  • It is recommended that you review these issues for the weakest issues of the youngsters during the day and ask questions.
  • Ask to keep a test routine, but without stress or new courses, it is better to relieve the tension at this time.
  • For the children to talk (clearly), in this test, the future is not necessarily the case, always learning again and giving another year.
  • It can help you later: some do not want your parents to think about it, but it's good for them to help them and live with their family.
  • Above all, you should have the role of emotional content, whenever you can slowly relax, make a cup of coffee, watch a movie, and so on. Something that helps to make you feel good and content.
  • On the previous day, it is recommended to take one day, play with your family, to rest, not to eat something that is not very heavy, you do not feel the next day.
  • If the most powerful photos of stress are present, it is advisable to consult a specialist, if they have been self-medicating and prescribing drugs, fortunately, a few days before testing the effects of the person will begin. Never take a drug for the first time on the test day.
  • When the test is finished, if the young man does not do well, it is important to think that "life does not end if the PSU is wrong". Dreams do not end, nor is the idea of ​​developing our projects disappearing.

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