Wednesday , January 26 2022

The U presented its foreign reinforcements


Sergio Vittor, Nicolás Oroz and Lucas Aveldaño, all Argentines, were presented Wednesday by the University of Chile at the CDA.

The U continues to be armed for the 2019 season and now it was the turn of the foreigners. Nicolás Oroz, Sergio Vittor and Lucas Aveldaño join the five reinforcements presented last Thursday at the Blue Sports Center.

Here, your best statements:


"I do not want my stay at the U to be by the way, I see this opportunity because I came to stay in the U, not return after a year to Argentina."

"Upon receiving the call from Kudelka, any player is excited, even more coming from the U. It is a plus for me the possibility of coming, I come to answer the confidence and add a grain of sand so that the U will go best possible ".

"When I found out about the Copa Libertadores opportunity, she gives the institution a bonus that has the potential to fight competition. The first goal is that, get in the group stage."

"My best version was more of a creator. In O'Higgins I was more forward and not so thoughtful. To my liking, what I like most is generating a game. I come to what the technician asks me, I would like to have a role more organizational "


"Darío's call (Kudelka) made me happy, I came to join. We are a team where there is a lot of competition and that it will be healthy, the one who is better will play, we have to respect those who are. We come to help and leave this club as high as I can. "

"There is a very professional team and we are going to fight the two fronts and classify the Liberators, and we must not neglect the tournament, as a great team we are bound to fight everything."

"Calling you a great team technician will seduce you and excite you."

"I was in the U de Conce, I am very grateful and it gives me the possibility that a team as big as the U call me this challenge, for me it is the biggest in Chile. The only thing I think about responding to this club."


"False information was leaked. It had been said that I had found an arrhythmia on my arrival that nothing to do. In Tenerife I found something but it was nothing serious. It was a year and a half ago, it was an anecdote, then I had nothing ".

"I am a physical, temperamental and experienced player – I always try to talk and order the team hoping to add for it."

"I came to the U and it's the biggest in Chile and a great in America. It's a great step in my career and I did not want to miss this opportunity. I value it in a very positive way."

"That the technician takes into account and asks you to come is an extra motivation. Then it is our job to show you that you did not make a mistake and answer it on the court."

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