Friday , February 3 2023

The UdeC will receive it from San Luís until it lasts until the last day


"In the match" and "step by step" campaign this season. UdeC has won the last two days of the final champion, but despite the combination of results, U. Católicos can lift the cup this afternoon.

But UdeC only believes that if San Luis gains a serious opponent in the shadow of the final opponent, or if he keeps the cup. Francisco Bozán DT He is not worried because he has participated in the fight for the champion in Chile. "We canceled the speech we held in the year, where we prepared a game at the same time," said auricelu technician, who has made a great deal of debate about whether or not to be a champion. .

Tomorrow's game will be played at the same time UC O & # 39; Higgins and U. de Chile against Iquique. "Honor is within the teams that are organized at the same time. The player is the result of the whole year," he said. Francisco Bozán"I do not have experience in matches, I do not have to be in that situation".

Thereafter, the definition of Campanillo's technician was provisional, when he directed Barnechea and was named champion in 2015 before the Cobresal. Of course, he was not the protagonist of the party, as U. Católic was interested in the northeastern city of Iquique.

Mission: Liberators

After a year, UdeC is feeling of injustice, at least if it does not remain in the second place of the table. Nearly the entire championship was behind UC and at that time they were leaders, But the "U" and the assault on the blast only left Campanil in third place, for the moment.

"We understand the importance of this game, it has been regular for 28 days. We have done well and it is a good idea to confirm what we have done at home," added Bozán.

And the number of visitors to UdeC, Ester Roa was very different: Auricielos have won 14 matches at home 10, 3 and 3, O & # 39; Higgins was the first day of the match.

And San Luis?

At present, this paper would be best to reach UdeC. The Chilean U.ak thought it was the final date, but the victory and the launching of the victory were celebrated.

Quillotanos will play its final cards in the First Division, according to a miracle category. "They improved with a new coach in court and their numbers. They are not far away, some years ago, struggling to get international drinks from San Luis. We know how complex and the player is, "said Bozán.

At the end of this editionSan Luis could not play without playing in Everton and Palestinian play. Viñamarino defeated the victory for Campanile opponents.

"The emotional context will be determined through this, but it is a grounding on football work," said UdeC's coach.

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