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The "unacceptable" measles will return to the US

United States health experts have warned Wednesday that in the last years of the country it is a return to the elmorrhagic, especially in the case of refusing vaccines and for religious or personal reasons to be excluded.

Sixth rise was declared to have been damaged by 159 people since January 1 in Washington, Colorado and New York.

Since 2000, 50 years and several hundred years have been registered throughout the year, although they were eliminated by a very contagious disease in the United States at the beginning of the century.

This return is "acceptable", said Anthony Faucy, Director of the National Institute of Infectious Diseases, after taking part in the US Congress. "We need to go back," he said.

The measles virus is the most contagious. It may be in one place for the departure of two infected people for up to two hours.

Most American epidemic epidemics begin when the virus reaches the body of a person traveling abroad, because the disease is very active in many countries.

Afterwards, it spreads among the people who do not receive the vaccine, which live near each other.

"There are people with uncertainties about vaccines," said Nancy Messonnier, Director of National Vaccination and Respiratory Diseases Center.

Over the last five years, 12 out of 26 epidemics have been named in groups with more than five "sickly" people, such as the Somali community in Minnesota in 2017 or the orthodox Jewish community in the Brooklyn neighborhood of New York. last year (02-27-2019)

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