Wednesday , July 6 2022

The unemployment of the public sector with an indefinite term begins today


The unions reported that "in view of the small results obtained to date in the Salary Reparation negotiations" and other benefits for the Public Services staff of the central, decentralized, municipal and other administrations, the 15 organizations that make up the Sector Board Public and the CUT resolved to call National Paro on Monday, November 26.

In addition, they reported that a concentration in Santiago will take place at the Bulnes promenade, "since the Metropolitan Intendency denied permissions to leave, while in the regions there will be marches in the main cities, the Confederation said through a public statement ".

"We must clearly point out that the responsibility of stopping hundreds of thousands of government officials is the Government. Having presented our petition in October, to date there have been several meetings in which only one of them was present at the ministers and it was not until the ending week that the Ministry of Finance presented a figure for the consideration of the Representation of the trade union organizations, a figure that, for the first time in almost thirty years of negotiations, is not proposed by the Minister of Finance, but rather by a minor official of said division, "says the letter.

"Having rejected the first figure, at the last meeting, the Government raised its initial proposal from 2.9% to 3.1%, guarismo far from our expectations since with said guarismo, considering an inflation at the end of the period superior to 3%, it supposes a freezing wages, an option that, of course, the trade union panel rejects because it seeks to achieve a readjustment that, in addition to recovering the purchasing power suffered in recent months, allows us to adjust real wages, which at the least reflects the growth of the national economy, "the document adds.

In the current circumstances, in addition, CONFUSAM, which brings together the public health sector, has given rise to a 48-hour national strike, which is why they concluded by calling on users of CESFAM and doctor's offices so that "on the dates Not indicated will not attend our establishments, except in cases of necessity imposed, cases in which we guarantee our due attention with our Ethical Turns in all paralyzed establishments. We reiterate our conviction that unemployment is not against people, but against the Government. Our emergency network will work with full normality. "

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