Monday , May 29 2023

The unemployment rate from August to October decreased to 7.1%


The National Statistics Institute (INE) registered the unemployment data 7.1% in August and October, dial compared to the same period of the previous year, there was an increase of 0.4 percentage points.

According to the agencies, this result increased 1.4% of jobs, than by employees (1.0%, 83,660 people), which was higher than those generated by the higher pressures. In the labor market, to a lesser extent than in previous times.

In the meantime, unemployment increased by 6.4%, unemployed people (6.0%) and those who worked for the first time (10.6%).

With regard to the annual increase of employment, the public sector (2.7%) and the construction sectors (4.0%), the private sector public sector (4.0%) and the service sector (6.6%) affected public sector jobs. percent) and education (3.0%).

Depending on the work hours, the increase in employed workers took place during normal business hours 45 hours a week (2.0%). The annual increase of private workers (72,120 people) grew since 2015.

On the other hand, the INE informed The female unemployment rate stood at 7.4 percentage points, respectively. twelve monthsMeanwhile The unemployment rate for men was 6.9%, 0.6 pp. In the same measurement of 2017.

In twelve months, the unemployment rate rose in nine regions, dropping five and declining in Aysen. Atacama (1.6 pp.) Increased. In Magellan, however, the main fall of the rate was recorded (-1.7 pp.).

The Government, the Minister of Labor, Nicolás Monckeberg, he said "83.658 people a year ago had little work today."

"With jobs created, 72,120 private sector contracts are made up of 27,000 public sector employees, and we are convinced that our goal is to create 600,000 more jobs over the next four years," he said.


Its own account fell by 0.2%, with 4,530 jobs in this area.

Economist at the University of Chile Alejandro Alarcón He argued for the job request It is not the same as the investment and growth rate economy ".

"Street work has not disappeared and reflects on the significant rate that sold sales did not add, "he said.

The Minister of Finance, Felipe Larrain, acknowledged that "with respect to the same month of the previous year," growth is "creating high quality jobs.

"The private sector of Soldat has grown 72 million with contracts, social security and unemployment insurance," he said.

"Why do we see it difficult to reduce the unemployment rate? In spite of the dynamism of creating private jobs, self-employment is falling," he said.

"We are developing the economy"

The INE has been producing a production index for 2 years, and the manufacturing sector was a mining industry.

In this regard, the Minister of Economy, José Ramón ValenteThis scenario stressed that "we have not seen since 1995. That's why it's very good that the September image is very bad or the September image is very bad, we have to be upset."

"What's happening to that? We are running the economy, the economy that lasts and what we need Chile's confidence and optimism to sustain our economy dynamism It creates employment and therefore generates well-being, "he stressed.

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