Monday , May 16 2022

The University of Concepción visits Colo Colo, searching football for the miracle that is approaching the title


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Daniel Pino I Agency One

This Sunday, at 5:30 p.m. University of Concepción It will be a real truth when you visit Colo Colo, Monumental stadium, the final boat of the National Championship.

Camping painting is located in the second location of the table, 55 units and leader Catholic University 58 points.

Therefore, if they want to extend the championship, those who direct the match Francisco Bozán They have a duty to keep three points, and before UC falls Sports in Temuco.

On the way ahead, UdeC will face unknown Colo Colo, who will be on the bench for the last time Héctor Tapia.

Additionally, this comparison of Albos will face four important deaths: Jorge Valdivia (Be careful) Carlos Carmona (column injury) Julio Barroso (lumbar injuries) and César Pinares (lumbar injuries).

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