Saturday , January 29 2022

The violent cruelty of Valdivia: nine people have died and more than a dozen have been injured


The municipal route registered in the small vehicle, a truck and the route between Mafil and Valdivia, in the Los Ríos region, killed nine people and injured at least 11.

Valdivia / Aton Chilean serious accident Valdivia / Aton Chilean serious accident

Everything was recorded at around 2:00 p.m. on the 4th kilometer of the T-34 route, three adults and a car transported by a baby lost control of the driver to the south. For this reason, he confronted a truck that was in the opposite direction.

The heavy vehicle apparently pretended to put an end to the car that appeared to him, brought it to the opposite track, and at the same time 17 people were taken home after a day's work.

Detail of the deceased

César Asenjo, mayor of Los Ríos, who confirmed the figure.

"Six out of nine deaths have six patients and three smaller vehicles," he said in a 24-hour interview.

The condition of the health of the people of small vehicles was "a baby, it was an unbelievable risk, and it was also a fifth passenger, a male, a wounded young man."

They said about these travelers, they were two brothers and they were among the people that lost their lives. "I know they are dead brothers," said Asenche.

Improper balance

Due to multiple crashes, the truck is finished. The accident took on the life of five men and three women, with the wounded helping ambulance and Carabineros staff.

The first aid bodies were also rescued by other people and most of them referred to the Valdivia Hospital Hospitals, all with reserved health.

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