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The Vivo NEX 2 double camera and a triple camera to say goodbye to the camera

This year we have seen some mobile manufacturers have been remotely started depending on the status quo form and design factor. One of the pioneers of this latest trend is Vivo con el Vivo, the filmmaker NEX, and it seems that it is already listed by the hypothesis Live NEX 2 triple camera and two displays.

If we confirm that the Second Vive is an NEX, we can see a step similar to the Xiaomi Mi MIX line, because it is a line that maintains a different design and high end features. Vivo Nexek has an unlimited screen that has hidden the front camera in a removable modular module and suggests its suggested suggestion. Let's leave the subjective camera So we only use rear end.

Three cameras, two screens, one ring

What would happen to add the second 100% of the front of the screen to the second? As we can see on this device, it is the main screen that covers the whole surface of the front and the entire bottom surface of the bottom three rear camera (and only).

A video streaming video is presented as an unknown brand of the phone we've seen a few days ago with filtering Possible Live NEX 2There is also something that includes The Verge (who has found videos).

Vivo's design would not touch any hinges, but would be a secondary screen that would be the second standard section

In this way, it would be a proposal that recalls ZTE Axon M, which combines both screens and a camera, combined with the back or the front camera, as we move the device and refer to it. In this case Vivo can be practical design It would not bring any hinge in any way, but it will only be a screen that will replace the back cover with the standard.

Also, there are RGB LED striking ring At the top of the rear, in the field where the three cameras are. Apparently, we have LED notifications on many Android devices (much more wise).

Live Nex 2 Filtration

The details of the camera do not reveal the details at this time, but they can be rumored by The Verge (those who have tried a prototype for Vivo). ToF scanner (Time-of-flight) We talk about it in reviewing the advances being made in recognition of the three-dimensional face and scanning. Three cameras are already in Huawei P20 Pro, Huawei Mate 20 Pro, Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018) and others, and we are combining wide angle, zoom and portrait mode. So we can imagine that the plans will be there.

The endless screen competition is even more lively (and this year)

The Vivo NEX was one way, in a way, that the promise of the screens is the first look that manufacturers seem to want to frame. Subsequently, OPPO Find X came to its small retractable modules, suggesting a similar system, but a complete photography and facial identification system.

In the end, Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 has been proposed as a demountable screen to automatically shut down your cameras (unlike the OPPO module). And what happens (and soon) is a new design phase based on a hole in the screen NotchWith no frames and removable modules, the subjective camera is still in its place.

It seems that the next Vivo NEX is not seen, according to the last permissibility mentioned (from Weibo), it would integrate a 6.59 inch AMOLED panel (probably the fingerprint reader on the screen with Live X20 Plus UD already seen) and on the back AMOLED 16 : 9 seconds screen, under the camera and special LED rings. Design and video calls that remind us of Nubia X, personal portraits, social applications stories, etc.

Nubia X.

Some other features of Live NEX 2 are integrated with Snapdragon 845 processors and 22.5 watt loads quickly. Even for the first filtering and for a price, between 4,000 and 6,000 yuan (variation between 500 and 600 euros), we must wait until we confirm this. Maybe not too much, because the rumors will be able to get to know Vivo NEX 2 in December, maybe even when we know about the new Huawei hole.

Picture | Ben Geskin

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